Welcome to Kiddo TV

We provide highly curated videos appropriate for kids between 3-8 years of age. In today’s world where sites provide a high quantity of videos, we provide high-quality videos. The videos provided by KiddoTV can not only be entertaining but also very informative.

Made for kids

Kiddo TV provides videos relevant to kids under 8 years of age. Content that we provide is handpicked so that Kids can have a fun time while learning something useful!


We made sure to provide users with content that is healthy for kids to watch. All parents will certainly approve of the video content and take a breath of relief once they go through Kiddo TV

Smart Content

Unlike other video-sharing sites, KiddoTV has carefully selected the videos we show keeping in mind the impressionable age of today’s kids.

Large Library of Videos

We provide a large collection of video which are conscientiously categorized so that the entertaining element of the video is not dropped and browsing through videos become more convenient.

Kiddo TV is good and smart friend for your kids

Kids is safety with Kiddo TV

Kiddo TV provides a safe environment where kids can grow without getting in contact with the outside world’s harmful influence.