Activities for Rainy Days

Posted on: April 4, 2017 by Kiddo  TV
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No matter how much you sing a�?Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day, Little Children Wants to Playa�?, you cana��t just let it stop like that. But dona��t let the rain stop your child from playing! Rain or shine, keep the little ones active.

So we, Kiddo TV, give you a list of activities that will entertain the children. Because even during rainy days, children can have fun inside the house. But letting them play in the rain is not a very good idea because they might get sick or catch colds. So ita��s better to keep them entertained indoors.

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According to Kidspot, Real Simple, and Pop Sugar, here are the best ways to spend time with kids during the rainy season.

Herea��s some fun activities for you and your child on rainy days:

  1. Movie Marathon

During rainy days are perfect time to stay at home, lie in the sofa and just relax. Gather your childa��s favorite movies, prepare popcorn or snacks and turn your house into a real cinema! This is also a perfect time for a family bonding.

  1. Baking

Baking, an activity that will entertain and teach children how to cook. So when ita��s raining, you cana��t go outside to buy bread and pastries. So you may just bake cake, bread or pastries with your child. This is a perfect kitchen-bonding with your child which also teaches him the art of baking.

  1. House Picnic and cnadian pharmacy. Tea Party

Party in the house! Keep the stomach full by having a house picnic, a�?Eat All You Can and All You Want.a�? During cold weather, ita��s also good to drink something that warms the body just like tea! Tea party can be very fun especially if you make different flavors of tea.

  1. Play Indoor Games

One of the activities that kids like to do when ita��s raining. Since your child cana��t go out in the backyard and play when ita��s raining, A�you can play indoor games with your child instead, such as board games or computer games.

  1. Do Crafts

Doing crafts is one of the best boredom-killer activity especially for children! There are lots of fun ideas and crafts to create depending on the season and on the available resources! Look for art materials and resources you can use and let your child create a craft. This keeps your child busy and enhances the artistic skills.

Rainy days and getting stuck indoor is a great opportunity for kids to explore the house and learn something new.