6 Best Gadgets for Kids

Posted on: April 4, 2017 by Kiddo  TV
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11 Article 1a�?What is so Brilliant about the gadgets is their simplicitya�?

Desmond Llewelyn

Kids love playing games and toys so much. Technology is part of everyday life – and kids who were born and raised in the generation Z or iGeneration typically wants high-tech toys and gadgets. Although some gadgets are expensive, you can just buy the cheaper one for your kids since most kida��s gadget are for the purpose of playing.

Here are 6 best kid-friendly gadgets you can buy:

  • EASY PC LEARNING SYSTEM (1-5 years old)

Easy PC learning system is an edutainment computers for toddlers. It provides a special and unique interactive experience for kids to enhance their motor and cognitive skills. Kids will only use the Easy PC keyboard designed with different shapes and colors. This gadget encourages kids to learn through interaction in a multimedia world of adventure.


Even little kids are aware of technologya��s presence and grew up surrounded with cellphone, computers, video games, internet, etca�� Smartwatches arena��t just for adults anymore – but also kids! Smartwatches are a multi-function portable watch that has camera, video, voice recorder, stopwatch, timer, GPS, games and apps. Some smartwatches can track fitness and GPS location.11 Article 2-7

  • Nintendo 2 DS

Nintendo 2 DS is an affordable handheld game console developed by Nintendo.This gadget is designed for children especially 7 years old below. It offers high quality games that you cana��t find anywhere else.

  • Code-A-Pillar

a�?The Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar from Fisher-Price ($49.99 on Amazon) is a caterpillar that encourages kids to experiment and play while developing coding, sequencing and critical thinking skills a�� all before they reach school age.a�?

  • iPod Touch

iPod Touch is a popular kida��s gadget. If your kid wants an iphone, give him/her an iPod touch instead. It has the same functionality such as the camera, video, apps and interface but it is kid-friendly because you wona��t have to worry about your kid sending accidental messages and emails to your contacts.

  • Tablet

A tablet is portable, handy and kid-friendly. This gadget will surely helps you tame your child because ita��s a kids-favorite gadget because the screen is wide and ita��s best for playing games because the graphics is clearer and the touchscreen feature makes it easier to use.

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